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Joseph Benavidez vs. Darren Uyenoyama

Round 1:
Herb Dean is the referee for this flyweight fight. I'm calling these guys "JB" and "DU" for this one. JB is more active in the early going. He catches a DU kick and drops him, then lands a big left. He briefly gets in DU's guard, then gets back to his feet. JB steps back and DU stands. JB apparently lands a low blow, and Dean calls time out. They're right back to action. JB lands a kick to DU's ribs. DU with a low kick, JB with a big right which sends DU to the mat. DU whiffs on an up kick. Back standing, midway through the round. DU lands a body kick. JB with a two-punch combo and a body kick. JB drops DU with a big head kick. DU works his way back to his feet in the ensuing scramble. A Greco clinch struggle breaks out, and it ends with JB scoring the takedown. JB is cut over his right eye. JB misses a head kick. One round in, JB simply looks like the better fighter in every aspect.

Round 2:
JB keeps DU guessing by mixing up mutli-punch combos and kicks. He rocks DU backwards with a left hand. A scramble ends with DU getting JB's back. But it ends with DU on the mat. JB follows in throwing haymakers like few flyweights can. Back to their feet, midway through the round. JB with an uppercut and a straight left. More of the same, fighting in the standup, JB initiating all of the offense. JB lands a pair of vicious body kicks. He follows with a right hand to the ribs which crumbles DU. JB lands several punches to the grounded DU and Dean stops the fight.

Joseph Benavidez def. Darren Uyenoyama via TKO at 4:50 of round two.

Wow, another great fight!

Makes me wonder how our JB is, I miss his posts...
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