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I'm sorry I'm late in replying to this thread...but ive had a difficult week.

I am slightly concerned that what appears to be a homegrown terror cell acted in such a calculatedly evil way, one assumes, without much help.

For example, the bombs that went off were not designed to kill people, they were designed to maim. They were filled with debris that was designed to fly at high velocity towards people and cut their limbs off.

Secondly, the fact that clearly this wasnt an attack on pureist athletes, because they specifically timed it so that rather then the bomb going off when the winners arrived, they waited until such a time as normal non-athletes who had trained, and probably ran for charity rather then sports timed finish arrived.

Thirdly, note carefully the placement of the two bombs relative to detonation. The first went off close to the finish line, pushing people AWAY from the finish line...the second bomb was further back, and anyone fleeing the first bomb, would have been heading in the direction of the second when it detonated

Thats NOT the Modus Operandi of a strange lunatic....its the Modus Operandi of a Compus Mentus killer who has spent a very long time thinking about how he is going to do this and which ways he can do it to maximize its effectiveness towards his personal goal.

I dont know about any other bombs in the city...but we did also hear that at least one senator and the President were sent mail that contained toxic substances this week...and of course, there was the destruction of a fertilizer plant somewhere in Texas I think which was so big in vertually destroyed the whole town it was placed next to...AND was geologically recognised on the Richter Scale that measures earth quakes.

Not the best week for the United States of America
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