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Originally Posted by TexasRN View Post
I really hope this spurs the right kind of immigration reform. We can't just let in every yahoo who claims they deserve to be here. We are being way too naive as a country with our policy of letting every sob story come in and live here with no real fear of deportation. So frustrating!!!

I know, it is frustrating! They didn't read him his "miranda" rights so I'm hoping he will be charged with being an enemy combatant and tried as a terrorist. I just pray his new American citizenship DOES NOT benefit him in any legal way. Their family is spread out, some here, some in Canada, and none of them stepped forward and called the police once their pictures were released to the public.

One thing that was so fantastic to see was how every law agency there from federal to local worked TOGETHER, along with cooperation and help from their citizens, and the media, to get these murdering terrorists. Great job!

I can't help but think of terrorists captured and brought to justice. terrorist dead, the other captured!

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