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Originally Posted by kevint13 View Post
No excuses Dave! Just kidding, I hope your jaw starts feeling better soon.

I just wanted to get it posted so people had a day or so to get their picks in. I will post mine after the weigh-ins.
You did right

Neuralgia is the most intense type of pain that your biologically capable of feeling. Thankfully I have an extremely high physical pain threshold, and I have to say, its the worst pain ive ever felt. But its also a strange type of pain, because its internal...its like a cross between breaking a bone, and bad stomach cramps, except it happens on your face

Last Sunday I sat down to the table to eat at lunch and both my upper and lower jaw on the left side hurt, within seconds it was quite intollerable, I couldnt speak, couldnt move it, and even with deflection, all I could do was focus on the amount of pain. After three moments the pain, litterally vanished.

Tuesday when I arrived at work I was sat on the floor to reach my work locker and the same thing happned, except for a full five moments this time. Only the left side of my jaw, so I thought, maybe its like a tooth absece, but when I got home and applied pressure to individual teeth, I couldnt trigger it, neither did chewing tough food, nor brushing my teeth...the pain was inside the jaw itself, and seemed to effect all, and yet no one particular tooth.

Wednessday on my way home from work, the pain happened again and this time it was a full quarter hour in length. I was worried that the pain seemed to last longer. Thursday it happened twice, and each bout was twenty moments in length...that triggered my anxiety symptoms as you might imagine, so then I had two different issues going on at the same time.

What upset me was that it was happening at rest, without triggering, and not related to an external thing, so it must be triggered by an internal issue. I imediatley thought Tonsil, but its the wrong side of my mouth, and the tonsil polyp isnt growing at present. It worried me that it realated only to my left someone my size and weight you instantly think Heart problem.

So I looked it up, and it said that there is a form of angina, called "unstable" which is when you have all the symptoms of normal angina, BUT, they occure AT REST. all advise said to class that as a medical emergency because a heart attack was...and I quote "imminant"

Didnt sleep well thursday night after that.

Friday Morning I went to the Doctors during my break to book the first available appointment with the first available doctor. I didnt go to Accident and Emergency, or call an ambulance, because one very important symptom was missing...No chest pains whatsoever They told me the first appointment was Tuesday Morning, which greatly distressed me. By now I was feeling a funny vibrating in my jaw....I knew instantly that my Mind was attempting to psycho-somatically re-create the pain...but it couldnt do it. This proved to me that the pain itself was not a psychosomatism, and so I went back at lunch and demanded to see someone...and in the end they took my symptoms and promised to call me. Which they did, and told me to come back at 4pm. Suddenly there was an appointment afterall

So I went in and the doctor inspected my mouth, tonsil, glands. He said if I started to feel chest pains then it would be unstable angina, and i'd have to go to hospital...but he said that he thought it was something else called Neuralgia. There are several forms of neuralgia, one form, is caused by a virus, which damages a nerve cell, which causes the pain. This is untreatable really, as the pain comes and goes so swiftly, pain medicines fail to work. The other form is caused by the nerve being trapped, either due to inflimation, or through physical means. He says he wants me to basically chart its progress through about three weeks. If it gets worse, then they'd have to do tests to figure out how the nerve is damaged, and if its mechanical compression, then do sergery on my neck or upper spinal colomn and free the nerve or remove it.

I felt so much better once I knew.

Saturday morning, I got another attack, and decided to put it to the test. Turning my neck, there was a lil pop, and the pain vanished. I now know its mechanical compression causing Trigeminal Neuralgia Maxillary and mandibular nerve around the left Jaw. I happen to believe that the actual place where the pressure is applied is as the Crainial Nerve leaves the CNS Before the divisions...but the pressure is only one side of the nerve, and so only effects two branches, rather then including the Nerve to the Ear, and the Opthalmic nerve. The reason I think this is because there is no muscular spasm accompanying the pain..and I dont have the other symptoms that would make this the Atypical Version...although, thats hard to tell since a lot of those symptoms I can create Psychosomatically with ease. The problem is, I oughta ride out the pain of future attacks, or else I cant gauge how long they would last...and of course...if I turn my head the wrong way even slightly...I could inadvertently end up applying more pressure rather then releasing it

Course that means the possibility of spending, at present Fourty moments per day under the most intense pain biologically available...not something I desperately want to do...not even for three weeks
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