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Here is her Grand-daughter who read Ephesians splendidly (Yes...Technically speaking...she is an American as her accent would suggest. I quite imagine she holds duel citizenship)

And Here is The Lord Bishop of London who did the surmon. He, as ever, is entirely faultless. If there is one Minister in the entire world who gives me Hope that the Established Church can be a force for is He.

I tell you something...if you pause the video at 8.55...on the front row, the man wearing the specticles is John Moses, who was The Dean during my Tenure...and Fascinatingly enough, the guy next to him (the one not wearing specticles)...well that man is called Major General John Milne, he was Cathedral Registrar during my was HIM who decided to prosecute me under Civil law on behalf of Martin Warner...who at that time was Canon Pastor. Martin Warner is now Bishop of Chichester...and goodness only knows what Milne is doing now...but the current Registrar is brigadier someone or other...So I know he's gone...but these people, due to their tenures end up going to high profile services even now!

Major General John Milne was unsuccessful in his attempt to oust me, and when the Deans Virger at the time, decided to press ahead with further prosecutions based on fabricated lies. John Milne told me that he has been so impressed by my performance during his time as prosecution, that, if I wanted him to act as Defence he would.

I Politely told him to sneck up

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