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Cyprus eventually gave in to the demands of the European Government...and they think Slovenia might be the next country to go now

Thats the problem with Different Soverignties sharing the same financial currency...I am so against Federalization, I really do not believe in anything but pacts and treaties to govern different soverignties together...I dont like Financial Union, and I absolutely despise Political Union

These BIG Governments have become something they were never supposed to be. They are no longer a consensus of individual soverignties...they are a form of Tyrany over individual the US its gone on for so long the State Governments seem to have forgotten that, technically speaking, they are independant countries in their own right.

the reason why its not such a problem for the US because most were formed and annexed deliberatley, their creation was with the purpose of being a union...thats not the case with Europe, where different States have up to 1500 years of Pure Soverignty without any wish or will to join a union...and now they notice when the Union takes away what they've had for centuries...we werent created for Union, Whereas, with the exclusion of Texas...the US was.
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