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Originally Posted by 3dlee View Post
i promise i want make new thread after new thread, but i got on here just to say this.

i just got done watching the UFC Roundtable: Greatest WW's 2 on fueltv. It had BJ Penn, Matt Serra, Renzo Gracie, and GSP. It was a pretty interesting show as much of the roundtables are. Then I realized at the end of the show... Matt Hughes has beaten all of them. And he's the only one that claim that.
Don't say that, we need new thread after thread, do your part!!!

As for the roundtable omitting Matt, that's just inexcusable, who was responsible for that? And to include Serra and Renzo as if they are great WWs is a laugh. The only explanation is that it must have been simply a discussion group and I'm sure they all spoke of how Matt Hughes is the GOAT. Case closed.
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