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Maggie will have a Funeral on Wednessday, it will be broadcast to the Nation on TV. It is a Funeral With Military otherwords, a State Funeral, minus a week of lying in an open casket for the whole world to see, and visit you.

Firstly, Maggie said in her Will that she does not want to be lying in State. Secondly, the problem with that is that as many people hated her, as loved her...and no doubt they would join the ques to visit her, and may cause a scene, or even desicrate where she's lying in State...the proof of this comes as the Anti-Thatcherites this week have called on people, and its been quite successful, to purchase a particular song from The Wizard of Oz, to "Celebrate" her passing. Its called "ding, dong, the Witch is dead" and if it makes Number One in the record Charts, its going to be played over and over this next week...which is very distasteful, however much you might dislike her.

Secondly, there is a very good reason for the Military lining the route of the procession, which will run from The Palace of Westminster, down White Hall, Through Trafalgar Square, around Aldwych, down the Strand, and pass from Westminster to Londons Square Mile by Blackfriars Bridge, before going up Ludgate Hill and into Saint Paul's Cathedral. This is because there are already mass swaithes of the political left, that plan to stage anti-thatcherite protests and rallies....some are threatening disorder to the courtege aswell...

The Funeral is likely to look something like below...EXCEPT...that its taking place in Saint Paul's and NOT the Abbey...but the service, main structure, and literny and liturgy is likely to be the same
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