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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
since when have they not been pro gay ... they had a gay guy on tuf ..
Being Investor in People, doesnt make you "pro" anything. What will the UFC do if any of their vocal Christian Fighters speak up against homosexuality now?

This company is deplorable. It invents a "Code of Conduct" but doesnt tell us what that code of conduct how do we know they treat everyone fairly? If they even have made up a code of conduct...and its not just another case of making up the rules as you go along.

They sack some people for drug use...they give others, with appauling records like three losses in a row, yet another chance...whilst sacking people with LESS then three losses in a row, because they claim their rota is fit to bust....Well..I think thats bollox...and I'll tell you why...because I have made a close eye, and a note of all the bloody debutants in the UFC since they announced they were overstocked...They are STILL putting NEW FIGHTERS on Cards, Fighters who ARE NOT new acquizitions from Strikefore, Fighters who are NOT tallent for 155lbs and below, Fighters who are NOT female.

Its their behaviour that puts me off the sport itself. I care less and less about MMA and its nothing to do with the fighters, or the tallent level, or the fans...its due directly to the Executive of the UFC, who rule their company very unjustly indeed. Whose hypocritical ways know no bounds...and who use secrecy under the guise of some kinda completely false form of professionalism, to openly discriminate against good men.

Its really not rocket science. They need to produce rules and regulations, they need to make those rules and regulations public, and they need to apply those rules and regulations across everybody. Without that, there is not trust in the organisation, just a Despot and his Minions who are ruining the lives of people on a whim, and, quite frankly, not listening to the fans, not caring about fan opinion.

In this country, the UFC is starting to loose ground, and its because they act like immature children, rather then adult men. Its like a stupid soap opera. Its not hype, like we used to have when the mob had time to get excited for a fight...its just a load of smack talk, and usually a last moment injury...week in, week out. With Fighters who are akin to something out of King Henry VIIIs Court in terms of stability, and an Executive board which is so cloak and daggers, its tight grip on its own workings would make Oliver Cromwell blush, and make Puritism look completely transparent.

If these are not the sort of things that worry members of the Executive who might want to be a cause for betterment and change, what exactly are? I imagine they are far, far irrelevant, and at heart, these company men, are not challengers and open speakers, they are simply "Yes" men...whose fear of loosing favour makes them slaves....and trust me, I know what its like to keep silence because you dont want to loose out on something...but last week my personal circumstances changed and having finished playing a challenging role in the administration of this forum, I have moved on to doing a similar role with people just like those who run the UFC...people who think they are important, people who will tell nothing but lies, people who are hypocritical in their dealings with those subordinate to themselves, people who provide a service, and whose aim is to make money and the expense of everything else...and I see two types of company men. Those who are frightened to say what needs to be said, to fight their corner lest they fall from grace....

And those who deeply care about the state of play, but refuse to be intimidated, and who, through hard work and support of others, are now in positions where they can, will, and do present challenges to Executives, and will go on with their campaigns and lobbies indefinately

I have sat back and thought about which person I would rather be. Both are slave to higher masters, but only one has courage. It does not take courage to only do what you are told all the time. It takes courage to respectively challenge authority, whilst continuing loyalty of service. The reason I am safe is because everyone who knows me, knows that I will ultimately respect authority and do what I'm told, but in equal measure, I shall not hesitate to dare tell those in authority what I think of them when they go adrift.
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