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Originally Posted by flo View Post
Not just the government, no one can interfere with our freedom of speech, unlike Canada:

Link to my Steyn quote here. (yes, that was a gift for you specifically, RNC ;-)

He has a right to say it. The UFC has a right to handle it as they want but if they did fire him, he should hire a lawyer to sue them for infringing on his freedom of speech. That was the point I was trying to make.

The "social justice" lefties want to shut down any conversation in which one disagrees with their agenda. They label their causes very carefully (i.e. "pro-choice" instead of "pro abortion"). They will shout down and stifle any disagreement. I believe in traditional marriage. It is my right to say and believe that. Yet I will be attacked in vicious ways online for simply stating that fact, even though I don't attack them for their views with which I disagree. This is how they operate - intimidation and stifling debate. Just take a look at what is happening at George Washington University, where 2 gay students are trying to get rid of the Catholic chaplain there for having the GALL to believe in his church's stance on homosexuality.

Mittrione used ugly language. He wasn't in a UFC setting (if it was an interview with Ariel, I'm guessing it was video?). UFC can deal with it's employees however harshly they want. I'd love to be inside Dana's head and know what he's reallly thinking. I personally have compassion for people who have serious gender-identity issues. That said, to me Fox is a guy and he shouldn't be fighting a woman no matter what he has had surgically removed or whatever hormones he's taking. Men and women are different as Tyburn pointed out and should not be competing professionally, IMO.

Matt M. should be disciplined and have it explained that when he makes public comments, they can very well come back to injure the UFC. I'm sure he "gets that" now.
so you mean when Nate deletes my posts he is infringing on my freedom of speech??? lol .. i didn't think so ..

i guess anyone has the right to freedom of speech then, but if people don't like it, you can still get in trouble for it ... LOL ... you can say whatever you want, if you are willing to pay the consequences .. i am fine with that ... people throw out the term freedom of speech like its an absolute freedom .. i know people on here are smart enough to know that isn't the case .. (go talk about explosives in a line up at an airport and see where freedom of speech gets you)

in the end, i am sure the ufc will do what makes sense for them with this .. do i think mitrione is a bad guy .. .nope, he just didn't think before he spoke ..
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