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Default Dana has no idea why Fedor's manager was front row at UFC on Fuel TV 9

If you can sit there and pretend like the name 'Vadim Finkelstein' doesn't sound like some end boss on Castlevania, then you need to reevaluate your childhood.

Every time I've been in the presence of Finkelstein, it's always been cautiously at a distance. Generally, he's surrounded by a crew of Russians, some of which look like skilled magicians and the rest resemble the entire cast of Bionic Commando. At one point, the phrase 'co-promotion' was the MMA world's version of 'winning'. Except, of course, it wasn't winning. In fact, it was failing horribly. When Affliction collapsed, Fedor became somewhat of a free-agent with a train of M-1 Global execs that closely followed him. Allegedly, Dana White offered Fedor Emelianenko a six-fight, thirty-million dollar contract with an immediate title shot and a cut of the PPV sales. It was also reported that Dana White would not only let Fedor wear as many M-1 Global logos as he wished, but he would also be allowed to compete in sambo. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal for anyone that wants money, but there was one thing missing from the deal that forced its implosion: co-promotion. Vadim wanted to have M-1 Global and UFC appear on every morsel of marketing, including posters, television commercials and on a plethora of objects at the event. Dana White put on his 'WTF are these guys talking about?' face and the deal was never signed. Dana White wouldn't budge, nor would M-1 Global and fans were forced to create an endless amount of message boards threads, often with the phrase 'Brock/Fedor would kill Fedor/Brock' wedged somewhere in it. The fans would never know who would win in that hypothetical match-up, but the following year after ZUFFA stopped negotiating with M-1 Global, we would see both fighters meet a loss within a four-month time span. The fight that would have sold out Cowboys Stadium at one point, suddenly lost much of its luster. New guys like Cain Velasquez and Shane Carwin emerged, and it's safe to say that both companies lost out on hosting perhaps the most watched MMA event of all time.

Since that failed deal, Dana White now refers to Vadim as 'Va-dummy' and for some odd reason he grabbed front row seats to last weekend's UFC on Fuel TV 9 card, and Dana White has no idea why.
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