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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
Since when has the UFC been pro LGBT?????

Since when has the UFC ever forced this code of conduct onto other members of its staff and fighters it contracts in regards to LGBT????

Do they even have any Lesbians or Gays on their roster????

The issue, for me, is not about her sexuality...its about the fact that her position may give her a biological advantage above her opponent. I refuse to support women in MMA, but if its possible to support anything less then women/women, its women/men...mixed Fighting is wrong even in sport, because its biologically unfair.

Having said that...I dont believe its ever right to be deliberately rude and insulting like Mitrione was. He didnt just say he dissagreed with her fighting women, he resorted to name calling and degregation...and that says more about him then it does about her.

As with all things UFC...they need to apply these laws universally if they want to have the support of the mob.
since when have they not been pro gay ... they had a gay guy on tuf ..
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