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Originally Posted by flo View Post
The "incident is being investigated"? Last time I looked, we still had freedom of speech although I realize that it only goes one way with the left. They won't be happy until they have a Department of Approved Speech.

I totally disagree with this decision. Have him take sensitivity training or whatever else but give me a break. He wasn't in a UFC setting when he made those remarks. I'm sure he has certain clauses in his contract but I believe he should be punished - NOT released. Big mistake, IMO.

I guess it's ok to joke about rape, etc., but not disparage a member of GLTB. I mean...seeing as Forest, Miguel and Rashad weren't fired.
i thought freedom of speech was the gov't can't infringe on your freedom of speech ... the ufc has a contract with mitrione and he should have to comply with the contract or not sign it ... and it was an interview for an mma show, so he is still representing his employer ... like i said earlier, agree with him or not, he should have been smarter with his delivery and choice of words ... the ufc will investigate and if they find out he is in breach of his contract, he may get released .. can't feel bad for him ...
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