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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
From what I've heard today, she saved England. Now look what's happening in Europe, and now, with us! I don't think she would have found Obama's thinking to her liking. A couple of quotes from the Lady:

How true this next one!
She was the most Right Wing leader that this Nation has Ever Had, and second in Greatness only to Sir Winston Churchill. She was thought of as radical, even for a Conservative, and was far more in line with the American Republican Party then the British Tory party because she was on the Right side of her Party. You might like to know that she was also a Christian who was Pro-Israel, she founded several Institutions for Israel in England during her political career.

People think that she was against workers rights because of what she did to the Coal Miners and their Trade Unions. But the truth couldnt be further from that. She, rightly, believed in the democratic notion that the Government is ellected to lead, and she saw the power of the Trade Unions as a direct threat to Her, and therefore a direct undermining of the democratic process...what she STOPPED the Trade Unions EXACTLY what the Ultimate Fighting Championships CANT do with getting Mixed Martial Arts legalized in New York State. Its not about the right for workers to be treated correctly, its how dare an unellected body move to block a political process in protest!

So she took on the miners, and she quite litterally distroyed them all, their communities, their unions. She would not be blackmailed by a group of workers who had become to big for their boots. They put their full force behind their efforts, make no mistake. They went on Strike, and the power in this country went off. Electricity was rationed during the winters of discontent. But...she wouldnt give up...and noone can strike forever.

To blame Maggie Thatcher for what happened to that Industry, would be to Blame the Roman Republic for the outcome and loss of life during the Serville Wars! Like I say...Maggie didnt want to misstreat people (like it could be argued the Romans did) but in the same guise, the Trade Unions had about as little right as the Slaves during the revolt. That is what she saw it as. A revolt....and thats what a lot of people who hate her, dont understand...she saw the issue, as a Rebellion, and naturally moved to crush it...she was the legitmate power, and they were beyond their reason.

The only issue that I take against one that almost noone has mentioned. Maggie, believed, a little too much, JUST LIKE THE AMERICANS, that the Government does NOT carry responsibility for private companies, and that as much as possible should be privatized. Whilst I aggree in principle with privatization...I, unlike the Americans, and Unlike Maggie, STRONGLY believe in ACCOUNTABILITY. She removed much of the scrutiny surrounding the Financial Sector inside London....and less then twenty years later...we see what happens when No Government is watching the Financial System within the economy they all depend upon. I believe in Freedom, but I DO NOT believe in the absence of Law, when its regarding private companies which have a huge public impact. She isnt responsible for the greed of the bankers, anymore then the American Government is...BUT...Had both forced the private banks to account...then it COULD be argued, none of this financial crash would ever have happened.

But the Americans refuse to do that, even when the banks collapsed, the Federal Government was very hesitant to assert any authority...and in England...the Conservatives were swept from power in 1997...and the Labour party under the Blairites, couldnt care less about anything but borrowing money and spending it. Running up credit that came back to bite them on the arse

Maggie will have as full a Funeral as Princess Diana...She will have a State Funeral...without the lying in State....See in England, the Ceremony with Military Honours, is the same as a State Funeral...EXCEPT, that the Body of the dead, is not put on show for a week before the funneral in a public place Royalty, tend to have the ceremony at Westminister Abbey...and Commoners or Nobility, tend to have the ceremony at Saint Paul's will be the case with Thatcher.

She will travel on a gun carriage through London until she reaches the Peoples Cathedral.

BTW...I think what people loved about Maggie was not just what she said but how she said it...she was VERY funny...even in her forced resignation appearence
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