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Originally Posted by 3dlee View Post
Matt Mitrione wasn't fired, he was just suspended pending investigation. What I hope the investigation turns up is that Mitrione was discussing the fact "Fallon Fox" was born a man and was choosing to fight women when he used the strong language ""That is a lying, sick, sociopathic, disgusting freak," and that he wasn't commenting on the person's decision to get a sex change in that way.

If I were Meathead, that's how Id try to present my case anyway. Poor Meathead. Lots of people thought, he said it. He's the martyr here. Hopefully he'll just put out a video apology and be fighting again soon.

I'm also curious if this is something that Matt Hughes would have to deal with in his new job. Seems like from all the descriptions I've gotten that it could be.
Oh drat, I misunderstood. I take back my rant. Thanks for clarifying, 3dlee, my only excuse is I've been deliriously ill for close to 2 weeks and it apparently affected my reading comprehension.

I don't think he's a martyr, hardly. He just deserves to be punished like the rest of the big mouths who made totally inappropriate statements. I don't think Matt (H.) would be wild about dealing with this sort of thing.
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