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Its the Moment during the Easter Vigil at Saint Peters Basilica when the Ressurection itself is celebrated via tintinnabulum. See...between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, the Church does not celebrate communion because Historically speaking, Christ is dead, and hasnt yet risen. Easter Sunday begins with an all night candle lit vigil (we used to do this in Saint Pauls Cathedral, so it isnt specifically Catholic) The Vigil Ends at Sunrise on the Sunday Morning

Up until that point the Communion Services begin...but stop, abruptled between the Peace and The Gloria.

Obviously, the Easter Vigil is timed so that the Gloria is supposed to begin at Sunrise, The Ressurection happens, and Mass can continue. But their use of a Tintinnabulum made me jump when I first watched this...I wondered if someone had just set off a fire alarm.

Despite the Latin, Tintinnabulum were all over Eastern Asia long before the Romans. Usually a fixed bell at the entrance to a Shrine, or a City. The idea is that its situated as a look out, and makes a noise for the arrival of someone important, or in the case of impending danger. Most Tintinnabulum are built into Churches, and far from being a sign to the people inside the building, are actually more often used as a method of calling people to the building.

There is a magnificent scene in the disastor movie 2012...when a tidal wave roars through china, and the Monk at the monestry high up in the mountains pulls back a huge bit of wood to strike a single free standing bell, and gets washed away
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