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Default What happened to the R.C Archdiocise of Philadelphia

I was lucky enough to get a hold of the Surmon from Charles Chaput, who is currently the archbishop of Philadelphia for the Roman Church. I thing whilst he is absolutely, and definately a Roman through and through, if you overlook his blah about the institutionalization of The Church, most of what he says is really very good.

His Chrism mass surmon however refered to some kind of "Humiliation" that he claims the archdiocise has suffered in the last few years. I just wondered if anyone knew what he was refering to...I assume some kinda sex scandle...but its not one ive heard of I dont think.

You might like to know that I have a lot of time for Roman Catholic Priests IF they have come from a Contemplative Order. Ive mentioned that the new Pope is a Jesuit...well Chaput is a Fransiscan infact
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