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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post

I know you guys love to debate, but there is real no sense .. you hate Obama .... here is Netanyahu praising Obama, but I am sure you will find something in here where you think he really didn't mean what he said ... LOL ...
Here is Netanyahu's quote:

Netanyahu said that Obama has supported Israel’s right to defend itself ‘more than any other president’, clearly putting pressure on the American leader to uphold that view in the face of any possible problems that arise with the Iranian development of nuclear weapons.
OK, now I will concede this; he says Obama "supports" Israel's right to defend herself more than any other admin but that is absolutely not the same as saying he has done more for Israel's security. In other words, he's paid a lot of lip service to "having Israel's back" - as he enjoys saying - but we'll see what happens when he has to walk the talk (see bolded).

I don't hate Pres. Obama. I have no faith in his presidential capabilities, zero regard for him personally, I think he's a serial untruth-teller and our visions for the country are polar opposites. I think he's incompetent, thin-skinned and incapable of taking responsibility for anything except the killing of UBL (snort) and the GM bailout. I'm sick of hearing his phony "preacher" accent when doing a campaign-style photo op and fed up with his divisive rhetoric. I'm tired of seeing his face plastered everywhere, including under the word "hypocrite" in the dictionary. But I don't hate him. On the contrary, he appears to be a good husband and father. He's a good golfer. He enjoys singing. He does an excellent job with TOTUS as well.
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