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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post

funny .. considering he has done more for israels security than any other recent president, we talked about this already, but you must have forgotten ... say what you want, but when the defense minister of israel is saying that barack has done a lot, you still don't take his word for it .. LOL ... cuz you no more right?

the man wants peace ... he thinks that israel needs to make some concessions .. i don't know the whole story .. i think palestine needs to make some as well ... as a people, when you believe in the destruction of another nation as your goal, you are not going to have many people on your side ... still, there still needs to be attempts at peace instead of just giving up and saying there will never be peace ...
The reason there is no peace is because Israel did not do what it was told when the Exodus from Egypt was concluded.

When Israelite Tribes arrived in the land, they were told to basically remove the populas. They were told NOT to mingle with the local inhabitants, they were told NOT to interbreed with the local inhabitants. GOD gave the land over to the Israelites...a land that was FAR from vacant at the time...but thats not the point. The point is GOD wants Israel to have the land and not the Palestinians or any natives of that land...unless of course they can trace their roots to the land BEFORE Joseph took Israel INTO Egypt I suppose.

GOD pretty much ordered Israel to do what the Spanish did to the Meso-American Cultures. Think about how native South Americans for so long have been speaking European Languages, that they actually believe Portuguese and Spanish are as native as they are. The native tongues of those lands are not spoken by the people. I very much doubt people like Anderson Silva can even speak his countries REAL native language. The eradication of the culture has left no rival demands for the land. A dead populas has no further claim.

But Israel ignored GOD, lived alongside the natives, married into the natives...and now there is great despute as to who owns the land....there never will be a lasting peace because the natives believe as they were their first it belongs to them, and everyone else knows that GODs wants over-ride that and thus it belongs to who He wants it to belong to. The irony is that when the Israelis returned to that land from being scattered, they were willing to share the land yet again. Palestine wouldnt settle for sharing, neither would its arab neighbours...and now they relentlessly attack Israel, and wonder why she gets frustrated!

Having said that...You dont want their to be peace in Israel...because of what that actually means. There will come a time when Peace reigns in Israel, and the broker of that peace will be Lucifer. When Israel is at peace outside of the millenial reign be afraid. be VERY afraid.
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