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Originally Posted by Hughes_GOAT
BZ: Is there anyone other than Thiago Silva that you would like to face?
LM: Give me the job and I will get it done. Rampage, Couture, Liddell, Vanderlei, Shogun, I work hard to win and will keep winning. Who thought they would see Tito with his back on the floor? Tito is a Great fighter but when he faced me, Lyoto, you know the ending.
I like Lyoto's confidence, but he better be thanking God the bell rung when Tito was on his back. Lyoto was finished with that triangle choke, but *ding ding ding*. Nonetheless, it's part of the sport and if Lyoto fights everybody else the way he did against Silva (aggressively), I'm going to thoroughly enjoy watching him for many years to come.
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