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Default What does Easter mean to you

I hope that A few of you will want to contribute to this thread Maybe even Non Christians

When I say the word ""easter" I am refering to "The Festival of The Crucifixtion and Ressurection of Jesus Christ" I am not referencing anything Pagan.

To me, Easter is an important time of year, not just because of the fact without the death and ressurection there is no ability for someone like me to have eternal life...but, more, because of the death and ressurection, someone like me actually does have eternal life...and what I struggle with most, and always have the fact that I am 1) aware that someone like me does not deserve eternal life, and 2) that far from being a "Free" gift...which it is for was NOT "Free" for the person who had to pay the price in order to fulfil the ability of exemption under the Law...and the thought of anyone being killed because of me is actually very hard for me to understand, and in many ways I feel horrible about the fact it had to happen.

Over the course of the last five years I created a short video, each year for easter (2009 The need for Salvation 2.53 in length) (2010 How To Deal With Persecution, 3.25 length) (2011 Forgiveness length 2.12) (2012 The Ressurection Length 2.04)

Besides those above which are made by myself, I also present some other inspiring creations

Lament of the Mother of GOD by Tavaner...which is one of THE most beautiful pieces of music EVER composed!

An Organ improvisation on the Crucifixtion

Karl Jenkins and his setting of the Literny of Stabat Mater

Karl Jenkins "And the mother did weep"

Into the Tomb, and Ressurection from Hades by Tavener, one of the worst things you might ever hear
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