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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
made a great speech too ...
I thought Benyamin made a good speech also...particularly in the first moment where he thanked the President for what he had done to try and stop Irans Nuclear plans...and then basically said, but you've failed and run out of options now...but thanks for telling us we can defend ourselves in a military capacity if we feel like're alright with that now Barack arent you...?

I also like how Benyamin says he wants peace with the Palestinians, says they should sit down and cast out any pre-conceived, for example, where Israel can and can not place its westbank settlements

Israel is a law unto herself, she really is....A lot like the United States...both men act best of friends, but they infuriate one another. Barack Obama says he sponcers Israel, but cares more about the palestinians and does nothing but try and stop Israel from acting unilaterally. Benyamin says he wants a two state system and peace with the palestinians, but he has no intention of comprimise when it comes down to the wants of Israel, vs anyone, be it a settlement in land allotted to palestine, or an airstrike on Iranian nuclear bases

You see here an absolute example, of how Israel takes something the US says about itself, and applies it to her own agenda. Its okay for the US as a free country to wage war on whomever she wants...but that DOES NOT MEAN she will always approve of Israel doing the same. You can tell how uneasy Barack Obama is when Israel is saying they will treasure the words he says to them, coz he knows that him talking about freedom, and Israel acting on freedom are two different things...and actually, the US DOES NOT APPROVE of Israeli pre-emptive strikes on what it sees as terrorist hotspots in Iran...Its a good example of why international laws are needed, and why countries shouldnt act like the US did in 2003...because its sets a dangerous precident for other countries thinking, they have the same rights and freedoms...and they do not. America is/was a super power at the time/now, if push comes to shove, she can act unilaterally and not bear the personal consequences 1) because noone has the balls or ability to stop her 2) because she wont engage in something she isnt 99percent likely to win. 3) has the finances and support to carry out unsanctioned actions.

Israel actually doesnt have any of the above. 1) Egypt stopped her re-invading palestine JUST LAST YEAR! 2)she is in constant long term warfare against so many enemies its not certain she wont get hurt, invaded, or scattered from time to time 3) alone, I dont think she has long term independance. She isnt a real super power...she's just a quick learner with a few friends in high places whose bonds of loyalty have never undergone a major test.
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