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Originally Posted by TexasRN View Post
Awww, Chris. So sorry. I'll definitely be praying for all of you in this situation. I hope she comes home soon or at least contacts you to let you know she's safe.

Are you friendly with any of her friends enough that you can express concern for her safety and let the friend tell your daughter that you're worried and would like her to contact you?

An Update, she has left where she was staying with them and is now staying with some boy she met at a place that is a hangout for homeless teens and recovering druggies, etc etc. I have known several people fro here and it is not a good place. She is just so rebellious and doe snot want any rules and wants to wlak the streets, fornicate and my bet is take drugs now based on her new choice of friends. So needless to say My wife is a wreck and cries herself to sleep and is worried to death, I am angry and ready to burst into rare breed and do the unthinkable with extreme prejudice. So please pray she changes her spirit and pray for my wife. Also my doctor said to day I am a ticking time bomb my BP is 240/140 and not dropping even with 6 BP meds. SO needless to say we need God in a mighty way so any pray is appreciated.
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