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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
Its just a silly comparison

I dont get paid to produce video blogs...neither do I ask any money from those who watch them...neither is it my employment.

I dont mind if people hate them, or dont watch them, that doesnt bother me.

Whereas GSP gets paid a shed load to put on entertaining fights, that is paid for, indirectly, by the viewer who pays his employer to view the entertaining fights...and its his main form of employment.

And he should care what people think, coz if they dont like him, his lifes work turns to shyte.

Whereas if people dont like my video blogs...well thats hardly my life and career down the toilet is it
Dave, you really gotta relax, man. He was making a JOKE! Jokes are, by their nature, supposed to be silly comparisons! Yes, we're aware you're not being paid. Yes, we're aware talking is different from fighting. But yes, y'all both tend to take 25min to finish something that coulda been done in 5!
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