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Originally Posted by JavierDLC View Post
I wasn't really attacking you Irish Pride I understand what you mean and I respect that.
That's nice, Javi. Just because some of us aren't fans doesn't mean we can't appreciate what he's done, or appreciate the athlete that he is, and his skills. Hey, I was rooting for him in this one. When he had Diaz on the ground in the first, second, and third rounds, I was screaming at him, "Elbow him!"..."Knee him!"..."For the love of GOD, FINISH HIM!"

I did understand why he didn't want to stand with Nick, I saw it in the 3rd round when Nick managed to get some good shots off before Georges took him down. If Nick had managed to stay on his feet, I think he definitely would have been a threat with his striking. Maybe Georges next opponent won't be so easy to take down.

I'm hoping Dana gives the next shot to Johny Hendricks, but....
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