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To the best of my knowledge, the guys who are walking up from the Vatican Grotto where all the old popes are burried, are the equivilent of other Roman Catholic "popes" of other areas...that is to say, with the exception of the Greek and Roman Orthodox Church...these are the currently ellected Pontifs of original lines dating all the way back to the Apostolic Foundations of some of the Churches in the list I presented earlier in the thread.

I counted Five in the first twenty five seconds based on the Grotto

What may or may not be a further two at 3.02 at the doors of St Peters Basilica

The music is nearly...but not quite, as bad as the Litaniae Sanctorum...and amoung the same lines, a large amount of it is dedicated to listing the name of saints...and rather then asking them to pray (in the Litaniae Sanctorum) it asks them to Praise the Reign...presumably of GOD...or maybe, the new Pope...not quite sure, because I dont recognise the Latin phrase

I think...though I could be wrong, its a form of The Imperial Acclimations, Something the Church stole and modified from the Acclimations for Emporars. This was a chant that solidified The Emporar of Rome as Having the Divine Right of Kingship. I dont know who the Pagens would invoke for that, but Post Constentine, the list of names would be the Great Rullers of the time I said, thats a guess...its not a phrase I recognise...but then I didnt recognise the phrases used in the Sacramentum at the start of the Conclave either.

My Latin is limited to Liturgy...I can only make out words in Literny, and have no idea of normal speech or sentances at all...The Exceptions to that are the Litaniae Sanctorum, the Angelus, and The Requiem...I dont even understand or recognise the Regina Coeli

I wanted to learn it...but my School wouldnt teach it
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