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Francis has made some changes already.

He has decided to go back to using the Pope-Mobile that has an open top. The little cart that takes the Pope through the people gathered in Saint Peters Square, or on tour within crowds, was changed into a bulletproof version after a failed assassination on Pope John-Paul II, it was also used through Benedict XVI Pontificate....It not a matter of security for Francis...its because he likes to stop the cart and get out to personally greet people, and this isnt easy with a bulletproof dome over your head

He has also said that one of the main Passiontide masses, will no longer be held at the Vatican, in Saint Peters Basilica. Francis has decided, instead, that he would like to conduct the mass in a Roman Juvinile Detention Centre

Finally...linking with this thread especially....Francis today had his first Audiences...His FIRST Meeting with anyone after his inaugeration (he met the argentinian head of state between ellection and inaugeration) Was with none other then The Patriarch of Constantinople Constantinople is STILL in Existance he is apparently the Eccumenical that presumably means he is the only Father claiming to be Patriarch...not suprising, as Constantinople has no significance as a Foundation of the wasnt until POST-Constantine that it was set up. So it was a pure invention of modern catholicism.

His Second meeting was with the Patriarch of presumes, that would be a modern day invention of the Russian Orthodox. Interesting that his choices for meeting the first representatives of the Orthodox, are both shallow in history....I dont think he cares much about Church History...or else he would surely have met the Patriarch of Antioch, and the Patriarch of Jerusalem instead
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