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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
So, my beliefs are never allowed to grow or mature over time? You keep holding me to things I might have said 5-6 years ago; but if our faith isn't in a constant state of growth, then there is a problem. So, while it seems like I contradicted something I might have said 6 years ago, that's just the way it is. We don't start out life as fully grown adults and we don't start out our Christian walk as fully matured believers. Back in 2002, I would have classified Presbyterians in the non-Christian category, but I currently am a member of a Presbyterian Church. I was simply wrong back then in passing judgement on a denomination that I knew nothing about.

My dad was born and raised Catholic and he broke from the Catholic Church and became a Baptist after he got saved in his teen years. It was the same with his mom, she was excommunicated from the Catholic Church after getting born-again. As a result, most of my knowledge of Catholic beliefs come from my father. However, it's possible that there are many differences in Hispanic Catholicism compared to European Catholicism or American Catholicism. So, I try not to get dogmatic about the whole denomination thing anymore.

I also never said that all Roman Catholics were a cult, I meant to imply that the group of Roman Catholics who worship the Pope like he's a god are a cult. Just like the little cult that seems to be rising up around the 1611 King James translation of the Bible in the Protestant and Baptist denominations. It's an aberrant belief that doesn't represent the beliefs of the entire denomination. Obviously my wording for the Pope comment was poor and certain people took offense to that and I apologize for the misunderstanding.

Finally, I don't consider all Roman Catholics to be non-Christians. I might have in the past, but I would have been wrong. I'm sure most of them aren't true Christians, but that could be said of just about any denomination. I've heard that as many as 80% of all professing Christians in the world are actually false believers. I personally wouldn't be surprised if that number wasn't much higher (more like 90-95%).
You can change your mind whenever you wish. But dont blame others if your lack of clarity (refering to the Cult comment) isnt crystal clear to others, and dont blame others for going on what you last said...We are not mind readers...if you change your mind...simply say so
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