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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
same can be said about your weekly video blogs!!!!!! kidding kidding KIDDING! .. big fan of the blogs .. .keep posting em!
I dont charge you money to watch my Video Blogs...and they would be very different if they were representative of my employment.I do my blogs for shytes and giggles...not for money. If I was paid to do them, and others were paid to watch them, they wouldnt be mere ramblings.

If I was GSP i'd be embarissed by the fact that threads like this have popped up on forums throughout his reign. Its a really legacy distroyer, and a great shame.

He has got to the stage, where he wins, and absolutely noone cares whatsoever.

Anderson Silva and Jon Jones are way ahead of him on that level....largely the only reason for Anderson is, that whilst he went through a spell of playing silly beggers, even when he was, he would actually use his skills to finish someone.

Sure you can criticise him for being a counterstriker...but he does a damn sight more then the french canadian, it has to be said.
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