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Originally Posted by Irish Pride View Post
I really did not mean it to be a hate thread. This is the first time that I've really posted on GSP. I just did not understand that if the UFC says that more fans need to understand technique (this would suggest that there aren't enough or a lot of these fans) then how is GSP such a big draw? He has tons of fans and is a big PPV draw. This would suggest that there are a lot of technical fans out there and I just do not think that is the case. I think he does what he does very well though. I'm just not a fan of it. But I'm not going to rag on him as a person.
i think gsp is a big draw because he wins ... people go to see a miami heat game not to see a nail biter, but to see dominance start to finish ... if i am a heat fan, i could care less if i know the game is a foregone conclusion half way through the 3rd quarter ... i just wanna see them win ... same with the new england patriots ... people know exactly what they are going to do ... now if welker could have just held onto a couple passes ... LOL ..

i love watching technical fights ... so i watch gsp fights even though i know whats going to happen ... most of the people are there to watch him win ... the rest probably are waiting for him to lose ..
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