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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
Show me one post in this thread where I "banished" Roman Catholicism from Christianity.
You can change your mind all you like Nathan...but you have told Roman Catholics they are not Christian on this forum before...and the use of the term "Cult" which you did use in this thread, is NOT synonomous with Denomination


I did some research for Michelle...

and its really confusing...but here we go.

According to the Biblical Tradition, Christ sends, Seventy, plus the twelve out at the Great Comission to plant Churches. Three Generations removed we have a list that claims where some of those Apostles went. According to Roman Tradition, the decendants would have apostolic succession, and effectively be Popes...infact Saint Peter being Bishop of Rome is a Translation...ergo...he was Bishop of somewhere else first.

What makes THE Pope any more important is merely the Historical Situation with Rome, in the same way Constantinoples Bishop was huge, and yet has no decending from any Apsotle, only Emporar Constentine.

Some of these Bishopricks DO exist today...but due to the schisms between the Roman Catholics and the Various Orthodox Traditions, there are several Bishops in each of these Areas today, each respective of their own denomination, and each pertains to being THE Bishop, in the Apostolic Sence...thats also what helped Rome Survive...VERY FEW RIVALS outside of Byzantia.

We have

Rome, Jerusalem, Damascas, Nicomedia, Bostra, Soli, Samaria, Milan, Alexandria, Corinth, Thessalonika, Carchadon, Carthage, Pannonia, Odyssus, Macedonia, Byzantia, Heraclea, Ephesus, Smyrna, Britain, Athens, Tarsus, Thebes, Hyrcania, Marathon, Dalmatia, Puteoli, Phillipi, Sinope, Laodicea, (Assyria) Iconium, Panellas, Caesarea, Berytus (Thrace)Colophonia, Andriace, Dyrrachium, Apollonia, Eleutheropolis, Lystra, Sardinia, Corone, Chalcedon, Antioch, Apamea, Bibloupolis, Diospolis, Gaza

Church probably created town and not the other way round

Those we know are extinct through war or conquest by Romans or Muslims, or the collapse of Ancient Civilizations

Those listed from Biblical Sources in the New Testament, but now extinct

Those I've heard of

Those that still exist

Pretty sure these exist as named after various dieties

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