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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
if i know that, and you know that and all of the fighter know that, how is it not possible that someone hasn't beaten him by now ... most guys can't even win a round ... he is better than everyone at pretty much every aspect ... he stood with diaz for half the fight and diaz still did nothing to win a round
This isn't like Ronda's armbar where you have to watch out for a move or a setup....this is an entire fighting style that is designed on control and winning by points rather than going for finishes. We aren't saying it isn't effective, we are saying it is entirely predictable and makes him boring.

I knew GSP wasn't going to finish Diaz and likely not Condit, very few have. But he has let fighters off the hook when he has had them hurt and likely in a position where he could finish them ie. Hardy and Koscheck.

To me this is no different than when Machida decides to sit back and counter, you won't beat him with that style and the fight will likely be boring.
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