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Originally Posted by Irish Pride View Post
Well that is interesting, that it got interesting when he stopped playing the GSP game. I'm not trying to ridicule him. It seems like everyone that replied to my initial post seems to share the same feelings as I do. I just still can't fathom why he is such a draw. I just did not think there were many technical fans out there. If he sees what he does is working, then there he must see there is no reason to change up his game plan.

Perhaps he is not a competitive person? I would think if he was competitive, he would strive towards finishes. To prove to himself that he can finish. But if he is just concerned with winning and not finishing, then he is accomplishing that. I guess one could make the argument that there are different degrees of competitiveness, winning and winning by finishes.

I read this tweet over on the Sherdog website, not the forum part.
Tonight, GSP set the UFC record for most consecutive time without a finish, with his 150 min topping Jon Fitch's 145 min 12 sec 2007-2011.
Todd Martin (@ToddMartinMMA)

Not sure if it is true or not but it looks true.

When I watched the recap show on FX or Fuel and they had Chael, Cruz, and that other guy there was hardly anything to recap in terms of footage. This was expected though. However, I was hoping that they could talk about something that would enlighten me on GSP's draw. They spoke about his take downs but did not speak of GSP's inability to do much at all after getting the take down. They spoke about GSP's jab as his range finder, but left out GSP's inability to do much damage striking wise. The majority of the coverage centered on Diaz not being able to stop the take down and not being able to keep GSP on his feet. But what about GSP's inability to do much of anything while he was atop Diaz?
i think he is a draw, because people like watching winners ... plain and simple ... do i think gsp is fighting safe ... yes .. but he is still dominating ... not losing rounds ... 3 of his boring decisions have been fight of the nights, even though he won all 15 of those rounds ... because he totally shuts his competition down and they can't fight back, that is what makes him so great ... in the end its all about wins ... and thats what gsp does .. wins ...
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