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Originally Posted by VCURamFan View Post
1) It was towards the beginning of round 2. I don't remember the exact exchange preceding it, but they were throwing back & forth. When the ybroke apart, Johnny looked down at his hand & shook it out. I remember saying to my co-workers "Crap you think he broke it?" Then he kept hammering it into Condit's face & we were like "O, guess not!"

2) To properly shield a kick, you're supposed to lift your leg up to a 90 degree angle & connect your elbow to your knee, making a solid wall to protect yourself. That way, whether it's a kick to the legs, body or head, you're covered. That being said, you should bring your knee to your elbow, not your elbow to you knee. If you do it the latter way, you're going to be dropping your hands & leaving your dome exposed.

What else you got, I'm waiting at my gate with time to kill!!
That makes a lot more sense than what I thought they meant, TY Ben.
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