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Really good points, IP! I totally agree with you. I was hoping for something else as well and didn't watch much after the 4th round. I think he's a great role model and your point about being a superb athlete (rather than superb fighter) is spot on. I've always liked watching a good ground game and although GSP inflicted damage on Diaz in the earlier rounds, I don't recall that there was much P in his G&P in rounds 3 & 4. It was a snoozer (my dislike of Diaz probably colored that comment). I thought the FB prelims were much more exciting.

Originally Posted by NateR View Post
I've given up on the idea of watching GSP's fights live. I guess the technical people like to watch the technique, but I'm not a technical person, so I got bored of GSP's style and stopped watching his fights years ago.

Of course, now cue the GSP fans and their predictable arguments of "you don't know anything about MMA if you don't enjoy GSP's fights." Well, maybe I don't, but I do know what's entertaining and GSP is not that.
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