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Originally Posted by NateR View Post

I remember an old interview from Matt where he said that he saw himself as an entertainer more than an athlete and I think that's why his fights ended up being so much more dynamic and exciting.

Someone's going to say, "He's the champ, he shouldn't have to take risks," and that might be true, but he's not going to win himself any new fans that way.
I thought Matt said something like that also. But during the Q&A the other day he said that the main goal was winning. But he was also referring to that rather than do certain moves that he and fans thought were cool.

I think the difference between fighters like Matt and those like GSP is their idea of winning. Matt didn't go out of his way to look exciting, he just was. His reign of dominance was exciting and he was always looking to finish the fight. GSP doesn't seem to want to even consider leaving what is comfortable to him to try and finish a fight. I am not asking or expecting him to be reckless, but try something that may open a chance of a finish.

GSP used to be a fighter, he knows how....just wish he would go back to being that guy. Everyone knew the fight last night was going to be a decision win for GSP. If the fight was actually finished, it was likely Diaz winning. It has become predictable....kind like the joke with Tim Sylvia as he always guaranteed a KO, but it was always a decision win.
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