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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
I've given up on the idea of watching GSP's fights live. I guess the technical people like to watch the technique, but I'm not a technical person, so I got bored of GSP's style and stopped watching his fights years ago.

Of course, now cue the GSP fans and their predictable arguments of "you don't know anything about MMA if you don't enjoy GSP's fights." Well, maybe I don't, but I do know what's entertaining and GSP is not that.

I remember an old interview from Matt where he said that he saw himself as an entertainer more than an athlete and I think that's why his fights ended up being so much more dynamic and exciting.

I think that GSP has officially broken Matt's record of consecutive title defenses, but if you had a choice, would you rather sit down and watch all of Matt's title fights all the way through, or all of GSP's title fights all the way through? I think I would choose to watch Matt's because then at least I'd be entertained, even though I've watched them all multiple times. I could imagine watching all of GSP's title fights would be about as exciting as a watching a 5-hour MMA instructional video, and I've never even seen half of them.

Oh yeah, we'll also get the other argument of "you're just bitter because GSP beat Matt twice." That's not the case at all. BJ Penn beat Matt twice as well, but I don't have a problem rooting for BJ now. I just think GSP is too hesitant to actually put anything on the line during these title fights and that's why he plays it safe and they all end up going to a decision. I don't want to call him scared, because I could never do what he does, but I just don't think that he wants to take any risks out there.

Someone's going to say, "He's the champ, he shouldn't have to take risks," and that might be true, but he's not going to win himself any new fans that way.
There is no question whose fights I'd rather watch! I think someone said something similar regarding Matt and GSP, their fights, in the spoiler thread...whose fights will you remember years from now?
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