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Irish Pride, I think you're comments are spot on. I've had the same ?s regarding GSP's draw and popularity especially given the last several years with fight after fight going to decision. And I agree with Kevin regarding Condit in his fight with GSP; I'm giving Diaz a little less credit in the fight last night.

I think Dana and a lot of other people think Fitch's fights are boring, so why don't they find GSP's fights boring?

One thing about last night's fight I found peculiar, why was GSP so gushing about Nick Diaz after the fight, I don't get that. Right after the fight, he was following Diaz around the ring trying to raise Diaz's just seemed strange to me, and Diaz just kept walking away. I understand showing respect, and being gracious in winning, but that was weird given Diaz's lack of respect towards GSP. Just wondering if anyone else found that strange too.

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