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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
1) In the Early Church I dont think you would be able to know what was truth and what wasnt...there were so many thousands of writings flying around...its true to say that any personalized canon of any early church would have included papers NOT in the Biblical Canon...The one compiled for EXACTLY that reason...the whole reason why Constantine needed a direct and agreed canon for Christianity is because the Early Church didnt have one.
So, how is that different from the situation today, where people will read commentaries, Bible studies, devotionals, books about the Bible, pseudo-religious books, song lyrics, etc. without ever actually reading the Bible?

Either way, your facts aren't accurate. The early Church had a Bible. We call it the Old Testament, but they called it the Holy Scriptures. The Gospel was preached directly out of the Old Testament in the earliest days, before the New Testament was written.

Also, you seem to be leaving the key player out of the equation: The Holy Spirit. All Scripture is inspired by the Holy Spirit and all Scripture was given by direct revelation from GOD. So, if the Holy Spirit is working in someone, then they will have no problem discerning truth from lie. If the Holy Spirit is not working in a person's life, then they will be dragged away by their own lusts and desires.

So, for you to say that we wouldn't be able to know what was truth and what wasn't back in the first and second century, is nonsense. In fact, with the level of persecution that the early Church suffered, I would venture to say that their faith was stronger than ours is right now.
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