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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
Two questions:

1) How did Johny hurt his left hand, does anyone know?

2) I heard one of the fighter's corner telling him they wanted to see him bring his elbow to his knee...what does that mean?
I missed where Johnny hurt his hand but I think his corner was telling him to elbow Carlos when he threw the knee? Maybe I'm all wrong though, wouldn't be the first time.

Like you, I think Nick and his brother are punks. They have talent, no doubt about that but they are so unlikable and I hate the smack talk and taunting. I don't want to offend my Canadian friends but I really wanted to see GSP TKO or submit him. I admire Georges ground skills but I was bored by the 4th round.

Originally Posted by adamt View Post
lets face it, theres really nothing left but silva v. st pierre
Yes, I'd love to see Bigfoot vs. GSP!

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