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Originally Posted by flo View Post
Nick Ring vs. Chris Camozzi

Round 1:
Marc Andre-Cote is the referee for this battle of southpaws. Both guys darting in and throwing combos early. Ring dropping his hands curiously low in the early going. Camozzi connects on an overhand left and pursues Ring, who scampers to safety. Camozzi pops Ring with a right and follows with a left. Both guys go for front kicks at the same time, neither really landing. Camozzi again connects with the overhand left, leading to a brief scrum along the fence. Ring continuing to fight hands down, jaw forward. One minute left. Ring connects on a solid leg kick. Camozzi with a combo and Ring a knee as the round ends.

Round 2:
The fighters trade leg kicks early. Ring connects on a left to the jaw. Ring's making better use of his speed this round, darting in and out and landing. Camozzi, though, lands a knee and tries to work for a guillotine, but Ring escapes and we're back out to the middle. Camozzi has a bloody nose, Ring is cut under his right eye. Ring connecting on his strikes and getting out of range. Crowd is not thrilled with the fight.

Round 3:
Surprise surprise, round three is going the same as the first two. But wait ... Camozzi clinches Ring from behind and presses him against the cage. Camozzi lands a pair of knees, but Ring escapes and gets to center Octagon. Camozzi's connecting more this round as Ring isn't moving as fast as he was. Ring shoots for a single, but Camozzi grabs him in a headlock. Final minute. Camozzi lands a left. There's little behind Ring's punches. Camozzi throws more late. Fight comes to a merciful conclusion.

Chris Camozzi def. Nick Ring via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28).
I don't agree with this decision; I thought Nick won the first two rounds, Camozzi won the last one.
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