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Patrick Cote vs. Bobby Voelker

Round 1:
Referee Phillippe Chartier oversees our final preliminary card bout. Chants of "Ole!" roll across the Montreal crowd. An exchange opens the round, with Cote getting the better of it. Cote pressuring forward unloading a series of one-twos. Cote muscles Voelker against the fence. Cote lands a few short shots then releases. Voelker finds a home for a pair of right hands. Cote grimaces and shakes his head. Voelker trips Cote to the canvas and settles into his guard. Cote threatens with an armbar but Voelker defends. Voelker postures up then dives back inside. Cote unleashes a few elbows from the bottom. Cote incredibly active, stifling Voelker's offense.

Round 2:
Wild exchange to start. Cote cracks Voelker across the jaw. Voelker answers with a leg kick. Cote ducks under a right hook, then misses a jab. Another kick to the lead leg from Voelker, and another. Voelker pressures Cote against the fence. Cote reverses, then releases and unloads a salvo. Straight right smashes into Voelker. Voelker fires back. Cote misses with a superman punch. Huge knee from the clinch for Voelker. Another knee makes Cote close the distance against the cage. Voelker with a thai plum, Cote unleashes a flurry. Both fighters trading heavy leather. Crazy fight so far. Blood is streaming down Cote's face. Voelker trips Cote, but Cote quickly stands and reverses. Cote eats a big left hand, then fires back and shoots for a double. Voelker sprawls.

Round 3:
A wide cut is embedded across Cote's forehead. Voelker answers the bells on fire, crushing Cote with looping hooks. Cote clinches to slow the pace. Cote backs out and fires off a flying knee. Voelker closes the distance, only to find his back pressed against the fence. Cote with a heavy breath, takes a look up at the clock. Cote connects with an elbow off the break. Another wild flurry, and Cote eats a huge knee. Voelker muscles Cote to the canvas, unloading hammerfists from side control. Cote trying to scramble out. Grueling round so far. Voelker stifles Cote's escape, tossing him back down. Cote latches onto an armbar. Voelker defends and takes Cote's back. Cote swirls and stands. Voelker changes levels then dumps him with a double. Cote hunting for another desperation armbar but nothing gives. Voelker in complete control. Voelker rains down strikes from half guard as the final horn sounds.

Patrick Cote def. Bobby Voelker via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

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carvalho went to the same highschool as me .. just a few years younger ...
Cool! I picked Elkins to win, I just thought that Carvalho got robbed; I bet Yves wishes he could take that stoppage back.
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