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Dan Miller vs. Jordan Mein

Round 1:
Marc-Andre Cote is our referee for this welterweight bout. Miller backs up Mein early with a series of jabs. Mein, making his UFC debut, stays calm and tosses out a straight left. Miller ducks under a right hook then powers Mein to the canvas. Miller looks to pass to half guard, then switches it up, steps over, and locks in a slick armbar. What a transition. Good defense from Mein, who steps over and slowly works his way out. Crazy start to the fight. We're back standing, and Miller staggers Mein with a right. Mein steps into a standing elbow. Body kick cracks into Mein's midsection. Mein paws out his jab, then fires a right hand down the pipe. Huge left hand floors Miller. Mein lets him back up, then cracks him with a looping right. Miller eats a jab, and another one. Right hand from Mein crumbles Miller. Mein unloads everything he's got. Miller in a fetal postion eating shot after shot. And that's all she wrote. Impressive showing by Mein.

Jordan Mein def. Dan Miller via knockout (strikes) 4:42 at round 1.
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