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Originally Posted by flo View Post
John Makdessi vs. Daron Cruickshank

Round 1:
Referee Marc Goddard oversees this opening bout on FX. Measured start so far. Both fighters gauging distance. The crowd already getting a bit restless. The boos come down harder, Cruickshank opens with a Jon Jones-style oblique kick. Cruickshank pumps his jab and circles. The Montreal boo-birds are out in full force now. Cruickshank fakes high then low. Quick series of jabs snaps Makdessi's head back. Cruickshank blocks a head kick and answers with his own. Makdessi stops Cruickshank in his tracks with a right hook. Wayward kicks grazes Cruickshank's groin. After a brief stop in the action, we're back. Switch kick misses for Makdessi. Cruickshank powers in for a double but can't get it. Makdessi eats an elbow. Makdessi dodges a high kick and fires back. Slow round, but it heated up a bit there in the end.

Round 2:
Makdessi wades in with a left hand. Head kick sneaks through for Cruickshank. Side kick connects on the midsection of Makdessi, who answers with a solid leg kick. Cruickshank pressure forward with a combination. Left hand from Makdessi cracks Cruickshank. Spinning back kick from Makdessi. Cruickshank changes levels but Makdessi shakes him off. Makdessi eats a double jab and fires back. Makdessi pumps his own jab. Ax kick misses from Makdessi. Cruickshank does the same. Huge head kick, side kick combination connects for Cruickshank. Makdessi immediately responds with a flurry. Wild exchange closes out the round.

Round 3:
Makdessi turns up the pace to start the final frame. Cruickshank counters with a straight right down the pipe. Makdessi catches a kick and throws Cruickshank to the mat, only to let him back up. Makdessi starting to find his range. Cruickshank launches a wild wheel kick. Makdessi shakes off another telegraphed takedown attempt. Cruickshank eats a jab and counters. Makdessi sprawls away from a level change then allow Cruickshank to stand. Makdessi pressures forward. Spinning back kick to the body nails Cruickshank. Makdessi misses a spinning backfist, follows with a jab, and suffers a pretty significant eyepoke in the process. Goddard warns Cruickshank. Makdessi comes out like a man on fire, landing his jab at will. Cruickshank misses a pair of wheel kicks. Makdessi turning up the heat, picking Cruickshank apart. MMA

John Makdessi def. Daron Cruickshank via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
That eye poke by Cruickshank looked deliberate to me. What'd y'all think? Glad Makdessi won.
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