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incidently...when King Henry VIII decided to ignore the Papacy...he pretty much did a reverse decimation. Rather then killing one in every ten...he distroyed nine out of every ten

and when I mean distroyed...I really mean beseging and distroying countless architectural beauties. One of the very best of them in this region of the land was a place known as Fountains Abbey. It belonged to The Cistercian Order


Everytime I go to that place, I wonder what it must have been like for the Monks who lived quietly in prayer to suddenly find King Henry and His Army attacking their home

Remember my old flat at Granville road...with the loo so bad I had to call environmental health on my landlord to re-do it? when they stripped the papers from the wall they found an original wall painting from the victorian builders.

Fountains Abbey in my Bathroom

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