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Originally Posted by MattHughesRocks View Post
It doesn't matter how many people follow it. It doesn't make it anymore right then...the bloods and the crips! Wrong and misleading is wrong and misleading, no matter whose doing it and YEA RIGHT they remove people, HAHA what a joke. There are 100's or thousands of catholic priest that thinks is ok to sodomize and have anal sex with little boys and teenagers.
You can call the pope a "religious figure " but he certainly doesn't qualify for people getting on their knees, crying and kissing his has. That's just weird and so biblically wrong to worship like that.
And when those priests are found out they are removed from office, and I think your 100's or thousands projection is a bit high. By the way there are Protestants who rape children as well yet it does not demonize every Protestant. In fact their are Protiestant churches all over the country that preach hate towards a certain group of people, it does not make Protestants as a group evil.

In every church you are going to find bad people, it does not mean that the church as a while is bad though.

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