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The Irony is, that both Michelle and Nathan should accept this Pope more then any of the others...I dont think you understand just how many waves Francis is already making....and some of the things he are SAYING are extremely Low Church.

Try to understand, the Pope is no longer a Roman Bishop...He is quite literally a Contemplative Monk. The Cardinals have made a bizzare choice because, to be honnest, Francis will revolutionize the Roman Catholic Church if he has a nice long pontificate...You can already see how confused the Cardinals are when he's talking about what holds the church together...and says...Its NOT the Pope or the Roman Curia...its The Holy Spirit and The Cross

Its a revolutionary way of thinking which should appeal to the likes of Nathan and Michelle...sure, its still Roman Catholic...but thew whole Roman Catholic Church has NEVER BEEN SO PROTESTANT ACTING as it has in Ceremony since Vatican its leadership as of this week.

I dearly hope Francis has a good Ten-Fifteen Years of good health in him...because he will work wonders...He deviates from his script at will by adding in blessed thoughts...He had to tell the College that one of the cardinals has had a stroke since his ellection...It involved reminding them that they were all "in our golden years" but thats okay because Wisdom comes with age...just like how Simeon and Anna were advanced in age and full of wisdom and thus able to recognise Christ at the Temple...this was an adhoc addition to his speech. He knows the Scriptures well enough to use cameo, on the spur of the moment, without hesitation.

The College looked completely they didnt understand what he was saying to them
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