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Originally Posted by flo View Post
You two are really bigoted and intolerant. Shame on you.

1.2 billion people belong to the Catholic church, so it's hardly a small number of people who care about Pope Francis, nor is it people who "know nothing" about Christianity. Catholics were the first Christians...but - by all means - carry on with your hate and ignorance.
I was going to point out...that not only is their more Roman Catholics then all the other Denominations "little cult" is just Nathans way of being as insulting as he possibly can be on this subject.

Second...I love how people like Nathan classify Roman Catholics as non Christian....and then refer to the Scriptures as their own.

Nathan might be right that the Roman Church ISNT the same as the Early Church...but its also right to say, the Early Church did not have a proper cannonized structure...and if Nathan knew HALF of what some of the Early Church believed, he would discover that he actually has FAR more in common with Roman Catholics, then he does the early church.

Whatsmoreover...he knows it. Thats why I am well aware that when he become offensive to Roman Catholics, is absolutely, and utterly deliberate.

You know...I could never be a Roman Catholic, for reasons I have stated...but What you see with me and Nathan is purely about religious freedoms and tollerance. I acknowledge Roman Catholicism for what it is, I keep up to date with its workings, I treat my Roman Friends like my Protestants.

Nathan does exactly the opposite, and on this forum he ALWAYS HAS DONE. He tells them they are unchristian, with all that implies for their salvation, and he is, frankly, unkind about their leadership, their history, and anything to do with them. He ignores that his Scriptures were developed by one of their Councils, and he tries to claim that because there was an early church that bears NO RESEMBLANCE WHATSOEVER with his denomination...that because it differs from the Catholic, the Catholic is completely wrong. He is in part incapable of viewing thigs from others point of view, and half bolshed up by the computer screen....because IN PERSON he is unrecogniable to the persona he posts under, he is tollerant and gentle and listens...on this forum he does the very reverse...its either psychological, or its deliberate...if its deliberate then he is the one who should consider his salvation before all others.

I may sometimes be harsh...but I have the courage to say what I believe to people in the flesh and to their face...There isnt much of a persona of me on here...this, pretty much IS me.

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