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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
I think that's what the media expects as well as all the "educated" Liberals who think that the Pope is the leader of the Christian Church. Basically, only people who know nothing about Christianity (as well as that freaky little cult that follows the Pope around) care about what the Pope says.
I dont think the "educated: Liberals or the media think that the Pope is the leader of the Christian Church, they see him as the leader of the Catholic Church. Anyone can open up a Baptist, Protestant or non-denominational church and run it how ever they please. If I choose to open up a Baptist Church and decide that I want to smack people in the head and have them pass out I can; or if I want to open up a church that protests at the funerals of fallen soldiers I can and there is no one to stop me. The Catholic Church is different though, every Catholic Church answers to the Pope and if a Priest is doing something that the Church does not agree with he is removed. People want to hear from the Pope becasue he is a very importnt religious figure and is the head of a Church that has 1.2 billion people in it.

^this is what perfection looks like
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