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Originally Posted by MattHughesRocks View Post
Whats the deal with "the pope"? I don't even get what he's for. Isn't he just like a lead pastor in a Christian church? Why do people cry and kiss his hand when he's near? Do they think he's God or something?
I just posted this on my Facebook but no one has answered. Granted it was only 5 minutes ago but I'm really confused
The Pope is purely a Catholic figurehead and even then only to certain denominations of Catholics. However, he is the most public and politicized religious figure, which is why the mainstream media seems to care about him.

If you aren't a Catholic, then the office of the Pope means nothing. We should be respectful of the man himself as we would towards any fellow believer, but he's just as sinful and corrupt as the rest of us are.

Like Ben pointed out, the Catholics have tied the Pope back to Peter; but I think their version of history is revisionist at best. Peter would have been dead for nearly 300 years before the Roman Catholic Church was even created.
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